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Unnati strives to bring the traditions of India to customers all around the world with its unique creations and products. It not only helps its artisans become wage earners, but also spreads awareness about the traditional crafts of the region, thus helping preserve a rich part of India’s national cultural heritage.

Artisans from Haryana

Doll Making

In the heart of rural Haryana, a group of women keep an age-old art alive through doll making. Their passion for creating with their hands has become their livelihood as they carefully craft each doll, ensuring perfection in every detail. 

For these women, doll making is a form of creative expression that allows them to keep tradition alive. Despite the challenges they face, they remain determined to succeed, supported by their close-knit community. Their dream is to share their beautiful creations with the world, reflecting the rich culture and traditions of their region. These dolls are not just toys, but pieces of art that embody the creativity and resilience of these women.

Newspaper Product Art

In the agrarian expanses of Haryana, a group of ingenious women is fashioning sustainable decorative products using leftover newspapers. They showcase their artistic virtuosity and ecological sensitivity by crafting stunning lamps, baskets and wall hangings, through the techniques of origami and paper quilling. Their creative way to upcyle not only reduces waste but also contributes to their families’ income. They are resourceful and enterprising, making the most of available resources and creating something exquisite and utilitarian.

Artisans from Uttar Pradesh


In the bustling village of Uttar Pradesh, a group of women gather every day, weaving intricate patterns of knots and strings with nimble fingers and creative minds.

Their macrame creations are not just beautiful; they are a source of pride and independence. For years, they struggled to make ends meet, relying on their husbands’ farms to survive. But now, they have found a way to provide for their families through their art. As they work, their laughter fills the air, and their camaraderie is evident. These women are no longer just struggling to get by, but thriving as entrepreneurs, artists, and friends.

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